How to Clean Workout Clothes: A Comprehensive Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts

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how to clean workout clothes


Keeping your workout clothes clean is as important as the exercise you do. You invest time and money in your fitness attire, so making them last as long as possible is essential. But how can you ensure your athletic wear remains optimal between grueling gym sessions and sweaty yoga classes? You've come to the right place! Welcome to Colosseum Active, your go-to source for everything related to fitness clothing in the United States. Today, we're diving deep into the world of cleaning workout clothes. From washing guidelines to the frequency of cleaning, this article will cover it all.

The Science Behind Cleaning Workout Clothes

Before we delve into the "how," it's crucial to understand the "why." Your workout clothes aren't just another addition to your wardrobe; they're engineered to wick away moisture, control body temperature, and enhance performance. Over time, sweat, bacteria, and body oils can break down these special fibers, impacting their effectiveness. This is why giving your fitness attire the cleaning attention it deserves is non-negotiable.

What Happens if You Don't Clean Them Properly?

Odour Build-up: Bacteria and sweat can cause a lingering odor that becomes increasingly difficult to remove.

Texture Deterioration: Improper cleaning can ruin the fabric, affecting the clothes' feel and fit

Performance Loss: Technological elements like moisture-wicking and breathability can become compromised.

Why Should You Wash Sweaty Clothes Immediately?

Some of us throw our gym clothes into a hamper, planning to wash them later in the week. But is that the best practice? Experts suggest that you should wash sweaty clothes immediately—or as soon as possible—for several reasons:

How to Clean Workout Clothes

Bacterial Growth

Sweaty, damp clothes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and the longer you let them sit, the harder they become to clean.

Stain Setting

Salt from sweat can set into the fabric and lead to permanent staining if not washed promptly.

Odour Persistence

The longer the clothes sit unwashed, the stronger the odor becomes, requiring a more rigorous cleaning process to remove it.

How Often Should You Wash Workout Clothes?

While washing gym clothes immediately after each use is ideal, life sometimes makes that convenient. But one thing's clear: You should only wear the same workout outfit twice after washing it first.

Guidelines: Daily Wear: Clothes for light activities like walking should be washed after every use.

Swimwear: Rinse immediately after swimming and wash properly before the next use.

Cold Weather Layers: Base layers should be washed after every use, while outer layers can last two to three years.

Best Way to Wash Workout Clothes

Washing your athletic wear is different from washing your regular clothes. Here's how to do it right:

How to Clean Workout Clothes

Pre-Wash Tips:

Separate: Sort the clothes by color and fabric type.

Turn Inside Out: This protects the outer surface from abrasion and fading.


Cold Water, Gentle Cycle: Cold water is less damaging to the fibers.

Use a Sports Detergent: Regular detergents may not remove the body oils and odor.


Air Dry: Heat from the dryer can harm the elasticity and performance features of the fabric. Always air dry when possible.

How to Deep Clean Workout Clothes

When regular washing isn't cutting it, and odors persist, it's time to clean your workout clothes deep.

how to clean workout clothes


Vinegar Soak: Soak your clothes in cold water and white vinegar for 30 minutes before washing.

Baking Soda Boost: Add a cup of baking soda and detergent for an extra cleaning punch.

Machine Settings:

Extra Rinse Cycle: This ensures that all the detergent and cleaning agents are thoroughly removed from the fabric.

Extend Workout Clothes Lifespan with Bonus Tips:

Avoid Fabric Softeners: They can damage the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric.

Wash Similar Fabrics Together: Different fabrics can cause friction that may affect the garment's quality.


Keeping your workout clothes clean is not just about aesthetics; it's about maintaining the material's integrity and ensuring they serve their purpose for as long as possible. With this comprehensive guide, you now have all the information you need to give your workout gear the tender, loving care it deserves. Keep those fibers fresh, that performance high, and, most importantly, keep moving! Feel free to explore our premium collection of fitness attire on Colosseum Active and make your next workout stylish and hygienic.

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