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Born out of Los Angeles, California, our activewear and lifestyle brand is more than just our product guarantee and commitment to creating great experiences for our customers.

We truly understand that our fast pace lifestyles, overly jam-packed schedules, and worldly concerns can bog us down. That's why we want our clothing to be solution based and proactive.

We focus on blurring the lines between form and function, because we believe you should never have to choose.

What we wear should move between all of life's activities, which is why every article we make is designed for motion.

Our guiding principles are simple... adhering to responsible ethical manufacturing, making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint through sustainability, and prioritizing great relationships with our staff, our partners, and communities.

Aiming to bring people together to create and share positive, meaningful experiences.

We are Colosseum.


We are a community first and a brand second. We truly want to build and make true connections with each of our customers. We live to create pieces you want, because we're at our best when you feel you're at yours. We know the right wardrobe can inspire confidence and that's what we live for.

Colosseum Athletics



Our dedication at Colosseum Athletics has always been focused on delivering fans exceptional products of the upmost quality and value, all while paying homage to university traditions and the college experience. Whether you find yourself on campus, or beyond, we’ve thoughtfully crafted and designed each of our products to last as long as your memories do.


From the joy of receiving your acceptance letter, to meeting your roommate on move-in day, to rush week, football tailgates, and walking across the stage for graduation, these are the best years of your life. Even after graduating, your alma mater is a part of who you are and the comradery you carry with you throughout your life.

At Colosseum Athletics, we know college. Since receiving our first license, we knew that we wanted to create unique and premium apparel that inspires fans to show their team spirit while standing out from the rest of the crowd. Our diverse product lines suggest that we’ve adapted to
the ever-changing market trends yet stay true to our roots and passion for
all things college.


Stuart Whang, the founder of Colosseum Athletics, was a young boy when he moved to America from South Korea. His parents opened a clothing shop in downtown Los Angeles, where he worked after school as a teenager. This was his springboard for a future in the apparel business.

After attending the University of Southern California, Stuart became passionate about college sports and being a proud fan. His entrepreneurial spirit had him starting Colosseum Athletics in 1992. In the beginning, he was the designer, developer, and lead salesman. He received his first school licenses in headwear and traveled across America attending tradeshows.

From these humble beginnings of what started as a one-man operation, has turned into a leading apparel manufacturer in the NCAA industry holding over 900+ licensing agreements with colleges and universities nationwide. With a belief that fans should be seen as well as heard, Stuart knows it is important to Own The Stands in gear that cheers your team on to victory.


Expanding beyond college apparel, Colosseum Athletics is comprised of Colosseum Active and Colosseum Outdoors. Our company’s ability to serve diverse market segments with a unified goal is showcased through its emphasis on a team-first mindset, culture for innovation, and dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint.

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