How to Organize Workout Clothes: The Ultimate Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts

With the surging trend of athleisure and the undeniable comfort of activewear, more and more individuals find themselves reaching out for their favourite pair of yoga pants or sports bra, not just for workouts, but also as part of their daily attire. But as our collection grows, so does the chaos in our wardrobes. Welcome to Colosseum Active’s definitive guide on how to organize workout clothes and elevate your wardrobe game!

How to Organize Workout Clothes

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Why Do You Need To Organise Your Workout Clothes?

While the cosy allure of activewear is undeniable, it's easy to find ourselves buried under piles of leggings, sports bras, and tank tops. Organizing not only brings clarity but also:

  • Enhances Longevity: Proper storage can prevent wear and tear.
  • Saves Time: Know exactly where that specific sports bra or legging is.
  • Boosts Motivation: A neat activewear section can motivate you to work out.

How to Organize Workout Clothes

The foundation of an orderly wardrobe begins with systematic organization. Here’s how you can master the art of activewear arrangement:

1. Allot Dedicated Space

Before you embark on this organizational journey, ensure you have dedicated space. Whether it's a particular drawer, closet section, or shelf, having a designated spot streamlines the process.

2. Dive Deep and Declutter

Lay out all your activewear. Begin by discarding or donating items:

  • That is torn or overly worn out.
  • That you haven't adorned in over a year.
  • That no longer fits your style or physique.

3. Strategy for Storage

Deciding on your storage method can transform your organization game:

  • Drawers: Best for smaller items and folded wearables.
  • Hangers: Ideal for items you don’t want to fold, like jackets.
  • Shelves: Perfect for stacked items like t-shirts or pants.
  • Baskets: Great for bulky or miscellaneous items.

How to Store Activewear

With activewear’s unique fabric and design, it demand specific care. Here’s a categorized guide:

Sports Bras and Socks

  • Utilize drawer dividers for efficient storage.
  • Store sports bras vertically for an easier view and access.


  • Colour code them for a visually pleasing setup.
  • Use shelves to stack them, utilizing the height efficiently.

Bottom Wears

  • Baskets can be a nifty solution, especially if you have a lot of similar colours.
  • If using drawers, consider dividers to separate different types of bottom wear.

How To Store Sweaty Workout Clothes

After a gruelling workout, you're left with sweat-drenched clothes. Here's how to store them before laundry:

  • Immediate Rinse: Rinse them to remove excess salt and sweat.
  • Separate Storage: If storing in a gym bag, keep wet clothes separate from dry ones.
  • Air Them Out: Hang them out to dry or place them in a breathable laundry basket.

Organize Workout Clothes

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Other Helpful Tips

Organizing your workout clothes doesn't stop with just sorting and storing. Here are some extra pro-tips:

  • Donate Regularly: Every few months, reassess your collection and donate what you don’t use.
  • Adopt Color Coding: Making this a habit can simplify your selection process.
  • Invest in Uniform Hangers: They aesthetically elevate your closet.
  • Prioritize Folding: An organized drawer begins with neatly folded clothes.
  • Use Bins and Baskets: They’re especially useful for bulky items or those that don’t stack well.
  • Logical Sorting: Start with undergarments and socks at the top, followed by tops, and bottoms at the lower sections.
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